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Friday, April 04, 2008

Existenstial Proof, Knitter's: "Behold!"

So, the long awaited post with the picture, as I promised has now been, in a sense, "unveiled"!

The History Of It All
Truth be told, my relationship with sock knitting has been a rocky one. In the beginning, I began the first of all socks that was to have been created by my own two hands; the yarn was blue, I remember.

My DPNs in hand, I knit with fuery and, after a time, I rendered a sock; not a bad one either.

Now came the time to begin the second, of what would be two entire socks, rendering a complete pair. For some reason, it struck me, and for the longest time I didn't have the sheer power of mind to begin another. So, there I was, left with one whole sock.
The years have passed, various projects, many scarves, and the pairs of incompleted baby socks have come and gone; and the one blue sock has journeyed off somewhere, perhaps in search of a purpose.

But today is a new day! A day in which I Heidi have actually finish, not one, but two completely knit socks!

The socks themselves, were knit by double pointed needle, four to be exact, sized: (1), and
one miniture crochet hook for picking up stitches.

The pattern itself, just your run-of-the-mill socky-sock pattern. It called for size two, but upon trial, I noticed the extremely loose stitches, and tightened the gauge accordingly.

The yarn was black as you can see, and self striping.

I also have some really amazingly cool sock yarn that I have in store for the next pair, and I desperately need to hunt down a pattern for.

Any suggestions as to patterns would be welcomed!


Knitcrazy said...

Cool Socks Mica !!!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

woohoo.. I have not attempted socks yet... 1) hate dpns) 2) yarn to small 3) I suffer from second sleeve syndrome so I would image if I manage to do one sock, the second would take eons! Way to go looks great

JustApril said...

Yaay you! I'm excessively proud of you! Now you can knit socks without worrying =)

Angela said...

As far as patterns go I have been doing "monkey" on Knitty and it was easy and fun. And you should try doing the two at a time on the circulars, thats WAY cool cause when you are done you are REALLY done.

Gloria Patre said...

Awesome socks! Colors are way cool! IMHO you have officially conquered the Mt Everest of knitting - it's all downhill from here!! LOL!!
Knitty.com is a superb source for free sock patterns but be warned, some are for advanced knitters! knittingdaily.com is another place with hordes of free patterns. I know you'll find something to inspire your next pair!