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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Coheed and Cambria, Concert Review and More

Concert Line up (11/14/07): Me Without You, Thrice, Brand New.
Me Without You- My impression of this band was all-over good. They actually have talent, and this takes their music to another level. Bands like this have an impressive quality of dedication that you don't see in
many bands with record labels.
The music itself, is what I would possibly categorize as majorly Indie Rock, with a little punk-ish alternative thrown in. Overall, they put on a good show.
Thrice- An ever-popular, and an older band that has had a number of hits in the past. Their performance was amazing, both lead singer and the guitarist were GREAT. The light show was awesome, and I would definitely suggest seeing them live.
Brand New-Brand New, if you don't already know the history behind them, are one of two bands that broke away from the popular band, Taking Back Sunday. (Which I love) Their music has a largely alternative sound, with a nice amount of harmony, and meaningful lyrics. They may border on religious themes in many of their songs, but I would not strictly categorize them as such. They actually sound better live, and the whole band seems to really have a love for music.

Concert line up (11/15/07): Fall of Troy, Clutch, Coheed and Cambria.
Fall of Troy- They were, in my opinion, newbie’s, and pretty much just like any other dime-a- dozen-skinny-dude-mediocre rock band. The only thing impressive about their performance was the excessive amount of phlegm produced by the lead singer.
Clutch- Although the music is not my cup of tea, I won't say they didn't have any talent. They did have some stage presence. I got the distinct feeling that the lead singer was a white supremacist, and that was something that negatively influenced my opinion of their music.
Coheed and Cambria- If you don't already know, I am a HUGE fan. All the guitarists are amazing, and the lead singer both plays and has a stunning voice! Their whole performance was great, from the lighting to the music, obviously. Lead singer, Claudio Sanchez is quite impressive live.
It made suffering through the previous bands well worth it.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Blog of all Blogs

Hello to all. Or any that may happen upon my bit of insignificance, that is my would-be BLOG.
Obviously, the word blog is too harsh a word to describe my lacking page.
The truth is, I used to be a thriving blogger, with a blog to boast of my html skills. Times changed, and I left it all behind...(knitting included, until recently)
I feel it's time to take back my blogger, and blog with a vengance and passion no blogger has ever seen.
All sarcasm aside, myspace wasn't fulfilling my needs....and I need a place to rant.
In other news, I've just finished the fourth book in the Dune chronicles, Dune God Emperor. I'll be moving on to Heritics (#5) one of these days, whenever I can manage to aquire it.
My opinion? I loved the first book with all it's complexities.
When you begin the series you basically have to jump in, and not look back in order to grasp the concept. That's one of the major flaws in writting such an advanced Sci-Fi; making everyone else see the entire picture the way you see it. And not drownding them in endless sayings, quotes, ideas, and concepts.
On the other hand, it does strengthen those who make it through. So, why not make it as complicated as you like? I'm sort of going no where with this, so I'll end this pathetic attempt at being wit-ical and say, " just read Dune!"