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Monday, June 01, 2009

Free-Range Knitter

For the record, I'm no loyal fan of the infamous 'Yarn Harlot', I'm no dedicated blog commentor of hers, as for her books, I've previously only read bits and pieces, and I'm certainly no free range knitter.

On Friday, I attended a book signing in Dallas, purchased her latest book, Free-Range Knitter, well, my lovely April did the actual purchasing, and now I've read it.

What strikes me about her writing is her skill to tell a story, and how she captures the true essence of knitting and the knitters responsible for said knitting.
I was rather scepticle, as I always am, but as I read, the more she, and her writing reminded me of myself. Aside my blatant lack of an ungodly love for knitting, of course.
Or perhaps it's that she simply writes in such a way that anyone can relate to, because her stories tend to thoroughly exploit the embarrassing human tendancies we all possess.
Free- Range Knitter is quite readable, as her material generally has the habbit of being. It's the sort of book that you can't put down until it's finished, and a highly entertaining read, in my opinion.

I thoroughly enjoyed being able to witness she and her monologue, which I'd label as more of a 'performance' than anything, was at times, comparable to that of a stand-up comedian. Better, since you don't have to feign laughter at timely intervals.

Ironically, I have the greatest urge to knit. It could just be the vast amount of reading about knitting talking, but I may actually be inspired enough to pick up the needles, and plod my way back into the knitting world. One of these days.

Overall, the moral of my blog is that my personal experience has earned me some amount of respect for the woman that is Stephanie McPhee, and for all that she has accomplished. I know I don't have to go so far as to suggest that you all to go pick up a book, or read her blog, because a great most of the knit bloggers are already familiar with her stylings.

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