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Thursday, May 07, 2009

N'er Mind

I managed to adjust the content so that now my blog possesses a musical aspect, so I may not do away with it all together.
That Project Playlist music player is the end result of hours of searching, editing, and revising the muscial content, and Myspace saw fit to do away with supporting it all together. Needless to say, it disappointed me greatly, and Myspacing holds little joy for me now.

In other news, of greater importance, author Tad Williams has turned out the first eight chapters of his fantasy novel, Dragons of Ordinary Farm. Available to read in pdf format for all. How cool? While it's not quite my cup o' tea since I'm a little over the hill for this particular sort of story, I love his work, and it shouldn't go unappreciated.

This particular work, is actually the colaborated efforts of he and his wife and partner, Deborah Beale. Judging from the blog they keep, which reads like a novel, she has a sharp mind, and just as talented as he. Were I half the author I aspire to be, I would kill for a man type figure that shared my interest. They certainly make quite the pair.
That being said, everyone who happens to have been born with a functioning mind and endowments of the ocular sort really ought to visit his site.

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JustApril said...

oh well - at least the music is good, eh?