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Friday, March 13, 2009

And Everyone Realized That the Characteristics of a Human Being Were Simply a Balance of That of Animal and Machine...

Sonnet IV: Of The Machinations of Anthropos

Steady manipulation of the mind-machines

Simply further the ongoing process

Inculcating sight miscalculation

Into the decorum of our conquest

Systematic slight, ungodly marvel

A medaled man, with metal man in hand

Who presumes to bear, alter, maneuver

A biological Automaton?

Endowed with syncretic, unthinking mind

Contemporary little humanoid

Would oblivion, be thy holy name?

Bless your shameful circuitry, Amnestia

Give birth to mankind's malfunctioning curse

Wholly corrupt, each, his earthly concourse

1 comment:

JustApril said...

I like your "about me" blurb. You are definitely unique amongst the sea of womankind

deep poem, I think I am too fried to understand it - lol