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Monday, November 24, 2008

Hm, well...

You Are a Blueberry Muffin

You are a nurturing, domestic, homey person.

Of all the types, you are the most likely to make your own muffins at home.

You don't like to rock the boat, and you're most content when you're making everyone else happy.

You are very loyal. You'll defend your family and friends, even if you secretly disapprove of what they're doing.

You tend to be a bit shy and withdrawn. You don't make friends quickly or easily.

But once you do make a good friend, the chances are high that you'll be friends for life.

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JustApril said...

aaah blueburries (brit accent) =) some of it fits, maybe? yes? no? maybe? yes? no? maybe? hehehehee


I don't even like cherries in muffins that much

HEY the word verification word is "zingon" rhymes with clingon =)*)