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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Random, Yet Great.

You are lucky to have stumbled onto this particular blog.
All the things I list here are pure and utter greatness; things that will improve your existance.
If you fail to see or experience any of those qualities, consider yourself wrong.


Seed To Harvest by Octavia E. Butler
Spend eight dollars at Barnes and Noble for the compilation, or if not, public librarys aren't rare.

The Whitest Kids U'Know


There is no true description, you have to hear the magic.

In knitting news, I've just finished a hat, one of my own pattern and design. Nothing special, just your basic beanie type hat, ribbing here, straight knitting there, something I threw together. I plan to perfect the pattern and adjust it accordingly for smaller needles and fingering weight yarn. I had meant to knit this hat with what I expected to be size 6s and sports weight yarn, but I grabbed, what I guess, to be 8s, so the hat was a little more floopy than I had originally wanted. Despite that, I like the outcome.

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JustApril said...

U crack me up, sis - wha haa haaa